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Something to say.

Posted: February 25, 2011 in Uncategorized

Sometimes I struggle with something to say that I think is inspirational, meaningful or worthy of someones time.  Lately I have a pull to write about the things that I experience and God teaches me.  If God speaks to you in any way through this venue, I give Him the glory.  If nothing else I can have a history through this blog of what God is teaching me.  There is so much information today, why should I share my thoughts, ideas and experiences?  God has given me a unique position in time and called me as His servant, and hopefully this blog will inspire, challenge, encourage, teach and help you in your daily walk as you read about my personal experiences and interests.

My promises to you; 1. I will not write every day (because I don’t want to), 2. I will not try to promote myself, 3. If there is anything good I will try to give God the glory, 4. I will be honest about my own struggles and experiences, 5. If God teaches me something I will share it with you and 6. I will try to connect you with others who God is Using.  Please note I am a practitioner more than a theologian, so, sometimes I may get deep, but not vey often and certainly don’t expect it daily.  You better be ready to read a lot about church planting (starting new churches) and from churches that God is using to touch the world.  If you are a student and like to learn practical stuff that applies to life, then this is the place for you.  Just a warning you will hear a lot about the awesome church God has allowed me to pastor Riverwoods in Benton, KY.

At the threat of my first post being too long, peace out, Pastor Darrin.