Getting away, to stay around

Posted: March 13, 2011 in Uncategorized

I am headed to Florida as soon as church is over today. Getting to ride down with a missionary friend who is in on furlough and working on his PHD. We met during seminary and have stayed in touch. He planted Lakewood Baptist Church while going to seminary in Memphis. God allowed me to plant Sunrise Community Church while going to seminary in Memphis and SCC had the wonderful privilege of being the sponsoring (mother) church of LBC. The most we have been around each other in recent years was the two times we worked together in China.

Our purpose this week is for a far more serious issue, FISHING! We both love to fish. He knows about red fishing and I know how to Bass fish. He is also speaking at a mission conference while there. I can’t wait to visit with him and his son on the way down, relax a little and enjoy myself. We will be hooking up with my dad and Marilyn who have had the difficult time of being in Florida since Christmas. Dad told me yesterday he was fished out. Can you believe Doc Miller said he was fished out? They have caught a lot of fish this year, upwards of 70 plus bass a day sometimes, and good fish. Oh how hard it must have been.

This is the economy trip, riding down with my friend, staying at Miss Freda’s place and getting to drive her car (thank you), and riding back with dad. Just paying for fishing license and food is the way to go. Drawing aside for a little while has become a necessity in my life. If I don’t unplug occasionally, self destruction is certain. Thank God for a great church and leadership team that understands the unique position of being pastor teacher and leader. Hoping to get renewed and refreshed, and yes most importantly catch some fish. This week I’m practicing the art of getting away so I’ll be able to stay around.

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