Posted: March 14, 2011 in Uncategorized

One of the core values we have at Riverwoods church is the power of relationships. My vacation is all about relationships. I rode down with an old seminary friend. I am staying at a dear church members place at Plant City. I will be fishing with my dad, missionary friend and his son and my own son can’t wait. I wrote the other day about being reconnected with an old friend after many years and while I am in Florida we will spend some time together.

If we are going to make a huge impact on the unchurched we must understand the importance of building relationships. I believe most life change takes place through relationships. Don’t ever underestimate the power of making friends with unchurched people. I often tell our church that some of them need to get some sinner friends. For many after they come to Christ, they make friends with church people (thank God), which I encourage as well. But, too often, they leave all their unchurched friends behind and only have relationships with other people they go to church with. When this happens we cease to make an impact on the unchurched if life change takes place through relationships. I know we are different and our life has changed, and often it is said we must leave the “worldly” life behind. If all your friends are churchy friends, ask God to give you some unchurched friends, some sinner friends. No wonder the unchurched think we are goody, goody and stuck up or that we Christians think we are better than everyone else; because, we become Christ followers and leave our unchurched and unsaved friends behind.

Try a new strategy by creatively building relationships with unchurched people. Love them, get to know them, pray for them and when life change takes place thank God you moved out of your comfort zone. Take a risk, love people and build lifelong relationships, or better eternal relationships.

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