Honest Awareness

Posted: March 20, 2011 in Coaching

In my last post I wrote about learning from masters and others. Recently I was reminded that before we can learn we must have an honest awareness of our own capabilities. We must first be teachable before we can learn. Have you ever watched someone who is clearly a novice at something but thought they knew what they were doing? When you try to give them advice it is almost like they take offense at your suggestions. I am not sure why they have an unrealistic view of their capabilities, maybe pride or false sense of ability. Often it is hard to realize our own limitations. It is easy for a master to spot a novice. There are two kinds of novice’s. The first is a novice who knows he is a novice and the second one is a novice who thinks he is more capable than his abilities reveal. I have noticed those who think they are more capable than actuality, are hard to teach. It is hard to fill something that is already full.

Part of maturity is realizing your strengths and having a clear understanding of your limitations or what some call weaknesses. If we don’t know where we need growth it is hard to work on those areas that need help. If you want to grow don’t only focus on your strengths. By having a honest awareness of weaknesses and targeting them growth will result but it all starts with honest awareness.

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