Posted: March 22, 2011 in Relationships, Uncategorized

I have been thinking a lot about masters, novices and learning. One of the best ways to improve your skills is being mentored by someone who has skills and knowledge in the areas you want to improve. I have a personal mentor what some would call a coach. The professional athlete uses private coaches to help sharpen their skills. In today’s business world many people use professional coaches to help them move to another level. If you want to improve some area of your life simply find someone a little further down the road than you are and ask them to mentor (coach) you. Paul said it this way in (1: Cor 11:1) “Follow my example as I follow the example of Christ.”

We should always have two people in our life. A mentor who is a little further down the road as a disciple and someone we are helping come along behind us. Sometimes the church acts as if someone has to be fully mature and knowledgeable to lead others. No, you just have to be one step ahead of the person being mentored. The key is to emphasize follow me as I follow Christ. If you are following Christ you don’t have to worry about leading someone astray. Who are you following as they follow Christ. When you follow someone it is important to keep your eyes on Jesus because you will see the weaknesses of the one you are following. The one you follow is human, so it is important to follow them as they follow Christ. Ask God to put someone in your life who is a little further down who can be your mentor, who can coach you through life.

  1. Chad says:

    Great post Darrin! It is very easy to get caught in the mindset of “I can do it myself”; or to be to proud to seek help from others or Christ. I believe what you say a Coach can teach and encourage, Christ can empower. Through him all things are possible!

  2. Mike says:

    Looking to you to be that mentor. I still am not certain you realize how alike we are in our Christian beliefs, views, attitudes and other areas of life. We may pursue different interests, in Christ, we are so close. It is a joy to learn from you. Thanks!

  3. Ansari says:

    Just the message I neeedd reminding of today. I have a long history of wanting to do things right – which has so often pulled me away from my own instincts and truth- as a parent especially, but with so many things organizing, keeping a home, and now creating a business. Always looking for someone else’s system that works for me. When honestly, if I’d just step into the slight discomfort of feeling through what does and doesn’t work for me- all the while taking action in my business- I’d have both a better business and a customized system developing itself. Thanks!

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