Take Advantage

Posted: April 3, 2011 in Uncategorized

The church must stay outward focused as an intentional priority. The moment we become maintenance minded we start to die. God is ever pursuing people and the tool He uses is the church. It is so easy to become inward focused; in fact, this is the place the church drifts to if left alone. We need leaders to challenge and lead the church to prioritize reaching out.

One of our greatest opportunities to reach out is getting close, EASTER! This is our day. Christ rose from the dead and because of that we get to celebrate new life. Many of our unchurched friends will come to church with us if we just invite. Spring is the time things come to life and are resurrected. God is at work in people during this time of year. Bringing believer’s and non-believer’s to himself. Take advantage of this wonderful time of year and connect with some new people and invite them to church, better yet invite them to Christ.

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