Kingdom Work

Posted: April 7, 2011 in Uncategorized

I think it was John Wimber who said “when you do kingdom work the king is involved”. God is forever expanding His kingdom. Sometimes we can get caught up and excited about expanding our kingdoms, instead of His. I am interested in church growth and expansion, utilizing every tool and opportunity available. I am blessed to pastor a church and work with a leadership team that is visionary, courageous and kingdom minded. It is exciting to be part of a God movement. At one point I thought God brought me home to plant a church, but now I understand He wanted to start a movement.

My DNA is I want to do anything and everything to reach new people with the Gospel and impact lives with the relevant teaching of scripture. My yes is constantly on the table. Instead of praying, God if you want me to do this tell me yes, my prayer is God unless you say no I am moving forward. A philosophy of kingdom building, territory taking, expansion, building, entrepreneurism, plowing, planting, praying and waiting for the harvest are natural attributes God has placed in me. I think these are necessary attributes for church planters. When you are a starter and like doing new things the danger is missing God and doing what you want, or getting ahead of God. Another danger is expanding your kingdom ahead of expanding His. Recently God taught me that when in a walk with Him, He is so far ahead putting things together all you have to do is listen and follow. God is more interested in expanding His kingdom than we are. If what we are doing is really kingdom work, we get to be involved but mainly to watch the King do His work. Thank God for the privilege to be involved in His kingdom work.

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