Part of a team

Posted: May 26, 2011 in Uncategorized

Being part of a church is a wonderful experience. Being part of a team to accomplish a greater good has been part of the highlight of my life. The tremendous potential and power for good from a group of people united around a common purpose and vision is earth shattering. This last week the Riverwoods team pulled off two amazing events back to back. Saturday at Benton and Sunday afternoon in Eddyville RC presented “Splash into Summer” and the “Beach Blast Show”. Everyone did an amazing job pulling together. If anyone else is like me I am just now recovering from the crazy schedule leading up to the events and the hard work during and after. Have I said I am tired yet? Yes, oh yes, many times but it is a good tired. We had over 220 guests at Benton and 200 at Eddyville. This was our first event in Eddyville and an introduction of Riverwoods to that community. I was amazed at the attendance. This just shows the wonderful opportunity of a new riverwoods campus in Eddyville. With God’s help and working as a team nothing is impossible.

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