Discernment and Divine Opportunities

Posted: August 3, 2011 in Uncategorized
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After talking with a friend today it became a reality that we need to be careful how we invest our time. This friend has been very involved for years in something he enjoys, is passionate about and given up a lot of time to participate in. In our conversations he has communicated a desire to use this activity to touch people with the gospel. We have a joint venture together this year around this activity, for the purpose that others will hear the gospel. This event is a litmus test for his future involvement with this activity. Simply stated; he wants to make sure he spends his time making a difference for the kingdom of God. If he does not see the movement of God in people he plans on finding more productive soil in which to spend time and plant seed.

We can find a lot of places to spend our time, but the secret is having discernment about maximizing our time. The problem in our culture is not finding somewhere to volunteer, serve or get involved. The issue is discerning the best places to get involved. The busier life gets it becomes more important it to say yes to the right things and most important understanding which opportunities where we must say, NO! Opportunities abound! Many of them are good and worthy of support. When it comes to giving our time we need a clear discernment from God to determine the best over the good. Understanding your purpose will help you to determine where to spend your time.

I believe the first consideration when looking for a place to invest your time is the local church. God instituted the church, it is not a man made organization but a God made organism for reaching, making and maturing believers. Scripture says “Jesus loved the church and gave himself for it.” Don’t try to convince others or yourself about your commitment to, love for, or devotion and inspiration concerning Christ if you are not fully invested in a local church. This is the tool God has created to expand His kingdom.

So, as you’re considering options to invest your time, please seek the Holy Spirit for discernment and divine opportunities.

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