Establish a Base

Posted: June 13, 2014 in Uncategorized

As a pastor of thirty years and dealing with people with various struggles and backgrounds it has become clear that most people do not have a solid base.  People often respond to life’s situations from emotions, personal thoughts, own desires and skewed perspectives from others.  The scripture should be a Christ follower’s starting point.  Often times, when people are in a difficult place they contact and talk with friends or anyone for that matter, looking for help.  I think they are hurting and just wanting to share their story, and that is ok if they just need someone to listen.  If they are wanting counsel some discretion must be used, because counsel is only as good as the counselor.

When looking for help start with the scripture.  Most issues can be solved by simply doing what the bible says.  We get into trouble when we want to live our life apart from God’s word.  The base for Christ follower’s is the WORD, accept it, believe it, put it into practice.  God wants us to have a fruitful, joyful life and He has instructed us in the word how to find that peace.  When we try to live our life as we please, it leads to difficulty, depression and destruction.  Decide today that God’s word trumps everything and no matter what comes, or the flesh wants, you will be a Christ follower.  A Christ follower is someone who with a solid base of following God’s word, 24/7, 365, not just on Sunday.  We cannot separate our secular and spiritual life!  Does this mean we will be perfect, absolutely not, but it does mean the direction of our life is in accordance with the written word of God.

My coaching tip for today is establish a base of God’s word at your core and then live life from that base.

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