5 Money Mantras

Posted: June 1, 2015 in Uncategorized

During the process of preparing and preaching this series, I’ve come up with my own five basic money mantras.  I offer them here for you in the hopes that you’ll write your own.

  1. Every dime, every dollar, every day is a gift from God. I never forget that because I don’t want to take the resources that God pours into my life for granted. The minute I do, pride and hubris threaten my very existence.
  2. I’m not an owner, just a manager.  The truth of the matter is, everything I have; my car, my house, and all my other possessions that I think I own are just mine temporarily.  They are passing through my life, and I’m a manager. My future is not only the fact that I can accumulate a lot of stuff, but I can manage what I have that allows them to be a blessing.
  3. I am blessed to be a blessing.  God has poured all these resources into my life so I can use them to help other people. I’m not just a consumer and a taker, I’m a maker and a creator, a giver.
  4. I’m only responsible for my stuff.  I find myself related to people who live lives I don’t approve of.  The good thing is I am not responsible for their choices and behaviors.  Yea God!  Neither am I responsible for yours, and neither are you responsible for others – not even your own children.  So the truth is, I accept responsibility for my stuff.  I can’t accept responsibility for yours, or the government’s, or someone else around the world. All I need to do is focus on my personal responsibility.
  5. There will be a test at the end that benefits.  If you believe the Scriptures, and I do, we’re told that there’s a point when man wants to die and after that, the judgment.  I like what Don Henley said. “In the good old days, words like sin and satan had a moral certitude.

Today, they are replaced with self-help jargon; words like dysfunction and anti-social behavior discouraging any responsibility for one’s actions.”  Amen, preacher Don. I want to be able to stand before God at the end of my life and hear Him say, “Well done, thou good and faithful servant.”

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