The Key to Reaching Our Potential

Posted: June 22, 2015 in Uncategorized

Most people have way more potential than they realize. Very few of us reach our full potential, because of self doubt, fear, just doing the minimum, not taking risks and worrying about what others might think of us. There are many obstacles to overcome to fulfill a dream and reach our potential. I believe real potential comes from God not ourselves and our own abilities, but in conjunction with how God made and gifted us. The real secret to reaching our potential and purpose on earth is simply take each step God shows us.

We should not move ahead or lag behind the clear direction of God. Sometimes we will question what he tells us to do, but we know it is him and what he said. This is where the difficulty comes in, are we going to believe and obey or are we going to doubt and disobey. In Luke 5 Jesus gets into Simon’s boat and tells him to put out into deeper water and drop the nets. Peter is reluctant, he had fished all night and caught nothing, a crowd is watching, and he is afraid of being embarrassed due to failure. It is very important to learn early on that success is simply doing what he says, not in the results that may come. I love what Simon says, “Because You Say So I Will”. BYSSIW is a new phrase in my life. It may look like there is no way you can accomplish what the Lord is telling you to do. Just to try and do what he is saying means people will call you crazy, say you’ve has lost your mind. You have tried and tried without success, people are watching and you’re afraid of failing. Remember success is doing what he says. Paul in the book of Acts did what he said but the ship sank. For Paul success was not keeping the boat afloat but doing what he said. I love what Simon says, “Because You Say So I Will”.

If real potential and success come from God, the key is simply doing whatever he says. Adopt a new philosophy BYSSIW and you will make a difference for the cause of Christ.

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