Born Identity Part Two, Digging Deeper

Posted: December 13, 2016 in Uncategorized

Read Luke 2:8-20. THE HINGE OF HISTORY. Some of the Jews were waiting for a savior to deliver them from Roman rule. They were expecting a military leader. Others hoped that the Christ (Messiah) would deliver them from physical ailments. While Jesus did heal some, His focus was on delivering them from sin. Jesus’ work was more far-reaching than anyone could have imagined. Christ paid the price for sin and opened the way to peace with God. He offers us more than temporary political or physical changes—he offers us new hearts that will last for eternity. Without Christ, the plight of mankind would have continued on the road of hopelessness because of the plague of sin. When Christ was born in Bethlehem, the entire course of humanity was altered. A light broke through the darkness and hope stepped onto the stage of history. As the late Ralph Stockman (pastor) once wrote, “The hinge of history is on the door of a Bethlehem stable.” Have you opened that door and allowed the Savior to step into your heart by faith? If not, today would be a great day to do it! Ask the Lord to shine the light of faith in your heart and then trust Jesus for salvation.

Read Luke 2:8-20. SPREAD THE WORD. What a birth announcement by the angels! The shepherds were terrified, but their fear turned to joy as the angels announced the Messiah’s birth. First the shepherds ran to see the baby; then they spread the word. Praise for God and gratitude for what he has done should motivate you to tell others about what Christ has done in your life. Have you discovered a relationship with Christ so wonderful that you can’t help sharing your joy with your friends? Ask the Lord to give you the opportunities and courage to invite others to Riverwoods so they can hear the good news about Jesus.

Read Luke 2:8-20. TELLING ALL YOU KNOW. These shepherds told everyone who would listen all that they had heard and seen. Often people who try to tell all that they know are politely avoided. It can be boring to listen to someone who never stops to take a breath. But in the shepherds’ case, people listened, because: Shepherds were not supposed to know much, and these shepherds had startling information… The message was revolutionary, breathtaking, and transformative. It changed listeners’ lives… The shepherds spoke from the heart, and their words connected to the deepest needs of others… When you tell about Jesus, start with what you know best: your life experience. Tell the story of God in your life. You don’t need to embellish, but don’t hold back either. Your words will change many, and God will use you to change the world. Ask the Lord to give you boldness as you tell others the story of how Jesus has changed you.

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