The Right Behind The Wrong

Posted: January 31, 2017 in Uncategorized

As my kids were growing up before they would leave the house I would tell them, remember who you area and whose you are.  In fact my daughter put they phrase on canvas and gave it to me for a Christmas present.  This is a key to understanding the right behind the wrong when we face in-justices, betrayal and seemingly difficult situations.  In the story of Joseph he was the poster child for Murphy’s law, everywhere he turned it turned out wrong, until we saw the right behind the wrong.

We learn 4 things from the life of Joseph.  1. God created us as a special person. We are unique one of a kind masterpiece.  2. God has a special plan for us to fulfill.  If we don’t fulfill God’s plan for us, it not only affects us but others.  3. God created us for special problems.  There are some things that you can handle that others cannot.  4. God gives us His special presence.  Just like the Lord was with Joseph he will be with us.  If we remember who and whose we are it causes to have a healthy self-image, even in the middle of difficulty.  Joseph always looked to the Lord.  Joseph after being sold into slavery, lied about and accused of rape, and put in prison, still looked to the Lord to interpret dreams.  Things didn’t go bad for Joseph because he was doing wrong, but because he was doing right.

Because Joseph was faithful and kept looking to the Lord God showed the right behind the wrong.  Joseph became second to Pharaoh as the prime minister of Egypt.  God used him to bless the Egyptians and save and reunite him with his family.  The right behind the wrong! The cross was wrong.  Jesus didn’t deserve what he faced.  If there was ever an in-justice it was what happened to Jesus.  Remember this was God’s plan.  The right behind the wrong was that he came out of the grave and purchased our salvation.  We can experience forgiveness and eternity in heaven because of what happened to Jesus.  If we stay faithful God will use what we are going through and someday we can see the right behind the wrong.

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